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Why is it worth to go to Egypt?

It is worth nothing that more and more Poles can afford to go to various abroad trips. There are a number of people who can simply afford it. A different case is that there are many offers that are not very expensive. The reason is that there are many different tour agencies. A big competition between tour agencies causes better offers for customers. Many people from Poland chose to visit Egypt. Why is it worth to go there – even now?

For sure, many people will be content with the current weather in there. Egypt is a country that will welcome you with a high temperature and a shining sun. It includes also months such as November and December. Statistics states that many people chose to go to Egypt when in Poland the weather is not the best. Why? During this period, the weather is not too hot, but it is very pleasant. This African country is located in North-east part of this continent, and has a lot places worth visiting.

One of it is a Valley of the Kings. What is worth knowing about this place? This place is well known around the globe as a place where Egyptian Pharaohs were buried. Where is the Valley of the Kings in Egypt? It is located in Western Thebes. It is worth adding, that it is a part of Thebes’ Necropolis. Maybe not everyone knows that the last Pharaoh that demanded to make his grave in this location was Ramesses XI. We think, that the trip to this African country should be planned in the way that you will not skip that place.

This place is a must seen for everyone who is interested in history. We guarantee that there will be only a positive emotions. Egypt is well known, also, for its beautiful seasides of the Red and Mediterranean Sea. There are many places that are worth to visit, but also places that are perfect to relax. All of it makes Egypt to be a very interesting touristic place.

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